College Examinations (For +3 Arts and Science (As per the guidelines of the Sambalpur University)

1. Each semester examination shall consist of a Mid-Semester (Internal) Examination and End Semester examination.

2. Mid Semester examination shall be conducted only for theory papers. End Semester Examination in theory papers carrying full marks above 50(e.g. 60, 75, 80 etc) shall be of 3 hours duration and practical shall be of 3hours (for full marks carrying 25). On the other hand, theory papers carrying 50 marks or below shall be of 2 hours duration.

3. Mid semester examination will be of 01 hour duration for 20/15 marks (20 for subjects having no practical and 15 for subject with practical papers). There shall be no pass mark in Mid Semester examination. The type of questions will be decided by the college authority.

4. The Mid-Semester Examination shall be conducted and valued by the Teacher(s) who are teaching the corresponding paper or by any external faculty in the college(s). A student who fails to appear in a Mid-Semester Examination will be allowed one more chance to take the same examination. There will be no provision to re-appear in the Mid-Semester Examination for improvement. No Pass mark for Mid-Semster Examination.

5. The College has to conduct the Mid Semester Examination between 15th September to 30th October for1st, 3rd, & 5thSemester and in between1st March to 15th March for 2nd, 4th, & 6th Semester respectively and will feed the marks online under the University/College Examination management System within 15 days from the date of examination. In case of Mid Semester examination of Semester-I, marks shall be fed by 30th November.

6. The College authority will preserve the answer script of the Mid Semester examination for 06 months from the date of publication of result of concerned semester for reference.

7. A student has to appear the Mid Semester Examination. Absence in a Mid Semester paper will be declared as failed in that Paper. A student who was absent in the Mid Semester examination during both the chances but has passed at the University End Term examination shall be treated as failed in that Semester. Such candidates would be required to appear the Mid-Semester Examinations in subsequent semester.

A. Subjects without Practical:

Mid Semester End Semester Total Pass Mark- End Semester Paper Pass Mark
20 80 100 30% out of 80(i.e., 24 marks) 40 out of 100 marks by taking both Mid-Semester and End-Semester Examination

B. Subjects With Practical:

Mid Semester End Semester Total Paper Pass Mark
A-Theory Pass Mark A-Theory B-Practical Pass Mark B-Practical    
15 60 30% out of 60 25(20+5Record) 40% out of 25 100  

C. Projects: The mark distribution would be subject-specific. In general, the Project report will carry 80 marks and viva voce/Seminar will carry 20 marks. The report marks will be subdivided as: Introduction and context: 10 marks; Literature survey: 10 marks; Actual project work methodology: 20 marks, Results, discussion, critical analysis : 10 marks; Clarity of thought and aesthetics of report : 10 marks

9. DSE – 4 for Honors students (6th Semester) will be a paper like the other three DSE papers. For students who have secured 60% in aggregate or above (or equivalent CGPA) in their first three semesters, colleges can exercise the option of offering a project to such students. Unless explicitly indicated in the respective subject curriculum, the recommended marking scheme will have about 60 % in the project report 40% in a Seminar cum Viva Voce). The Project paper will not have Mid Semester Examination and it will be evaluated by an Internal Examiner specified by the college.

DSE Papers for Honours. Students may or may not have the Practical component as proposed by the respective Board of Studies. If there is no practical, tutorial classes are allotted as per the 5+1 formula.

10. Individual faculty of the college are to prepare the list of probable project topics under their guidance for a batch in the beginning of the fifth semester to facilitate the students and such list to be notified by the college for information of students. Evaluation of project shall be completed before the commencement of the End Semester Examination of Semester-VI

For +2 (Arts and Science)

1. Every student of the +2 1st Year classes needs to take at least two college examinations, that is, Half-Yearly Examination, and Annual Examination for his promotion to 2nd Year. He also needs to appear in Unit Test Examinations conducted periodically by the concerned course teacher.


2. Every Student of the +2 2nd Year classes needs to take at least two college examinations, that is, Half-Yearly Examination, and Test Examination before appearing for the Annual H.S Examination during the academic year. He also needs to appear in Unit Test Examinations conducted periodically by the concerned course teacher.


3. If a student of +2 2nd Year does not appear in Test Examination, he will not be allowed to appear in the Annual H.S. Examination. However, under unavoidable circumstances, if the Principal is satisfied with such reasons, a student may be allowed to appear in Annual H.S. Examination.


4. A notice will be issued prior to commencement of each of the above mentioned examinations showing the schedule of the examination and papers to be examined covering the course prescribed by the C.H.S.E.