General Rules for Students during Examination

1. Students are required to read the instructions written on the back side of the Admit Card and Answer book supplied to them by the University/ C.H.S.E admitting them to the respective examinations at the beginning of each examination.

2. Students should, both inside and outside the examination hall, strictly adhere to the examination rules and discipline. They should not posses any incriminating material except their Identity Cards and Admit Cards, while inside the examination hall. They should keep their Identity Cards on the table during the examination hours. They are not allowed to keep any electronic devices with them in the Examination Hall.

3. Candidates should subject themselves to physical check by the teachers at the entrance and inside the examination hall even during examination. Further, they are required to enter the examination hall only 15 minutes before the examination sitting starts and occupy their respective seats according to seat allotment chart and maintain absolute silence in the examination hall.

4. A candidates is not allowed to enter the examination hall and to appear the examination coming later after 30 minutes of start of the sitting and is also not allowed to leave the examination hall before completion of one hour after the examination sitting starts.

5. A candidate may make temporary absence for a minimum period not more than once for use of toilets/Urinal usually after one hour from the start of the examination with the permission of the Invigilator. However, he has to leave his/her answer book, question papers, Admit Card and Identity Card under the custody of the respective Invigilator.

6. Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall before 10 minutes of the warning bell without submitting the answer books.

7. It is the duty of the candidate to hand over the Answer Books to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination hall.

8. Writing of anything in the question paper or Admit Card is strictly forbidden.

9. A candidate is punishable according to the rules prescribed by the C.H.S.E/University and under the provisions of the Odisha Examination Act, as is applicable for violation of Examination rules and/or adopting of unfair means in the examinations.

10. Infringement of any of the examination rules and/or discipline and/or adopting of unfair means in the examinations or indulging in misconduct shall be dealt with severely.