The College has a functioning library since its founding in 1978. It consists of over 13,000 old and new books and many journals. It provides many daily newspapers both in English and Odia. The library with its limited resources has always sought to meet the increasing demands of the students and faculties.

Library Timing:

From 09:30am to 05 pm.

Library Management:

Mr. Kamraj Mishra, Library-in-Charge
Mr. Subal Naik, Library Attendant

General Rules:

1.A student cannot use library or issue books without producing his/her valid Identity Card of the College and Library Card at the library counter.

2.Students can obtain Library Card by producing his/her Identity Card of the College in the Library Counter after their admission. If a student loses his Library Card, he has to pay one rupee to be issued a new card.

3.Students are not allowed to take library books and journals outside without the permission of the librarian.

4.Each student can borrow up to two books for seven days after which he has to pay the fine of Rs.1 /- per day. One must check the condition of the book before it is issued against him/her. In case of mutilation found later, the particular borrower will solely be responsible for it..

5.The College staffs are permitted to borrow up to ten books and can keep the same for 15 days.

6.All the library books in the possession of borrowers must be returned to the library before the College closes for the Summer Vacation.

7.If overdue charge is outstanding, a student will be debarred from borrowing books until he/she repays his/her overdue.

8.The Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consultation of books and periodicals.

9.A book once issued may be reissued to the borrower if nobody else requires that.

10.In the case of reissuing a book, one must return it first..

11.If any book is lost by a borrower, he/she has to pay the present market price of that book. In the case of unavailability of that particular book in the market, he/she will be fined as per the order of the Librarian.