Under Graduate Programmes and Courses:

The College offers Under Graduate courses in 5 different honours and Generic Elective (GE) subjects leading to Bachelor of Arts, and 4 honours subjects and GE subject leading to Bachelor of Science Degree. Since the College is affiliated to the Sambalpur University, it adopts the courses curriculum set by the University. Presently the College is offering the CBCS system of course curriculum. A student can choose his honours as well as GE subjects as per the guidelines of the Sambalpur University. The duration of the course is usually 3 years but students must complete the course maximum within 5 years from the year of the admission.

On adoption of GE, it is to be clarified that the previous practice of offering only One GE subject/Two GE subjects to Arts and Science will continue under the new regulation effective from 2019-20 academic sessions. A student may be allowed to choose One GE subject or Two GE subjects as per his/her choice. If a student chooses only One GE subject, he/she will be offered GE-I, GE-II, GE-III, and GE-IV papers of the said subject as his/her GE papers during semester-I, Semester-II, Semester-III, and Semester-IV respectively. But if a student chooses Two GE subjects, he/she will be offered GE-I and GE-II papers of 1st GE subject during Semester-I and Semester-II and during Semester-III and Semester-IV, he/she will be offered GE-I and GE-II papers of 2nd GE subject.

There are two compulsory courses: (a) AECC I will be Environmental Studies, and (b) AECC II will be M.I L/Alternative English.

Sanctioned Strength of B.A Honours:

1. Economics: 24

2. Political Science: 32

3. History: 24

4. Philosophy: 24

5. Odia: 24

Sanctioned Strength of B.Sc. Honours:

1. Physics: 16

2. Chemistry: 16

3. Botany: 16

4. Zoology: 16

Generic Elective Subjects: B.A Program

1. Economics

2. Political Science

3. History

4. Philosophy

5. Odia
Generic Elective Subjects: B.Sc. Program

1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Botany

4. Zoology

5. Mathematics